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  • New Visual Identity

    * Please note these images are the final design concept, the high resolution logo will be available in early 2018.

    The Caulfield Grammarians’ Association (CGA) is delighted to give you a sneak preview of our refreshed visual identity.

    This has been a six-month project informed by the MMG Education market research survey, stakeholder engagement and CGA Committee input.

    Our objective was to develop a more modern visual identity that supports the CGA’s aim of being engaging, inclusive and welcoming. This new identity will be used in all our communications and will help strengthen our efforts to keep our members better informed about our activities and to foster more active connections within our alumni group.

    The new design is an open-ended star comprising seven arrows, which symbolize the two-way flow of information between our organization and its members, and strong connections between the members of a dynamic and active alumni community.

    The blue and white and 1885 ties us to the proud history of our School and Association. The book and star represent our School’s long tradition of excellence. The seven points of the star reflects the School’s seven historical virtues of faith, hope, fortitude, justice, charity, prudence and temperance.

    We are excited to be launching this new look and feel in early 2018, while remembering that at the heart of everything we do is a profound sense of pride in where our Grammarians are from, and where they are going.

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